Questions from Members answered below;

  • Question: Who Qualifies as an additional dependent? Answer: Children below 18 years,18-23 years 
    with prove they are still in school going. here one is a guardian it should be supported by an 
  • Question: What are the requirements needed of an additional dependent? Answer: For biological 
    Children copy of birth certificate is enough. Where the principal member is a guardian 
    provision of an affidavit to support the same is a must. Additional premium of the same 
    should be paid.
  • Question: What is the age limit of an additional dependent? Answer: 24 year age next birthday.
  • Question: For someone with more than four children how does he/she choose who to include or exclude 
    and how can we help them in this dilemma? Answer: Child 4,5,6 so long below the required age 
    fall under additional dependents.
  • Question: In the birth Certificate what is the number that should be indicated i.e Serial 
    number at the top right or the Entry Number at the top left of the details section. 
    Answer: Entry Number